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Warm Greetings Everyone

Hanoochi has a beautiful collection of inspirational poems that contain a variety of themes that identifies with various spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of life. Some of Hanoochi's poetry will make you smile at the littlest joy of innocence and move you to tears due to the power of love and loss. Some poems give hope and guidance while others may inspire contemplation of the higher worlds of the beyond. There are many profound possibilities and hidden gems within the depth of these poems.

Since 1997, this outlet of spiritual expression of thoughts and ideas have been a reflection of Hanoochi's many worlds. When Spirit moves her to write and paint such pictures, the results are often surprising. She is blessed to share the results with so many. Thank you for stepping into this poetry realm.

You will find many poems that accompany reflective music that reitterates the feel and mood of the poem. It may take a moment to completely load, so please be patient.

So slow down and enjoy!


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A reader wrote, "You have such a way of capturing the depth and true beauty of the world around us. I wish everyone could see things with a poetic view...the world would be at peace.."