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Reader's Comments

Hanoochi has received some lovely comments regarding her poetry. Here are what a few people have said:

"...such a feeling of warmth, yet in its veracity it is able to cause chills. This is a poem that gets stuck in the mind and makes you want to read it over and over. Enlightenment comes to those who seek it. Your poem has that special quality that helps to enlighten the spirit..."

"This enchanting poem seems to bridge time and leaves the heart encircled in loving warmth. A Lovely poem!"

"You are most definitely an earth and star keeper, and understand the universe in your soul in a way many others do not. Thank you for writing this piece..."

"You have written the feelings down so beautifully and so powerfully that I am in that instant when I hear the note that catches my heart and mind. Excellent!"

"..there is no doubt in my mind that you have love enough in your heart to fill up the entire world!!"

"I would say the Gods are have their hand in this beautiful piece. It is simply outstanding!..."

"The most immediate thing I notice is that you write with such briefness, but, you still manage to fill it full of pictures, and emotions...well done..."

" powerful as the elements themselves. I am truly thunderstruck by each line."

"Nothing paints a more beautiful picture than Mother Nature and you captured her well."

"Just flowed like music"

"Such beauty and eternal light.."

"This is one of the most beautiful Love Poems I think I have EVER read!! I mean it, .. I was weeping.."

"Reading this poem out loud was like sharing in the eagles flight, over snowy mountains, meadows, wildflowers and great seas. It has that sweeping majesty."

"..very uplifting with a kind of melodic spirit flowing through it.."

"Your poem contains so much serenity that it lifts the reader into an ethereal realm. It is lovely!"



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