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"Thunder Beings"
It was a real honor to have Mr. John DeBoer contact me regarding my poem"Thunder Beings". He is an independent music producer for Oyate Music that also makes beautifully moving music as a Native American flute artist. This poem accompanies his song "Thunder Spirit". This poem is also included in John Deboer's book "The Storytellers Flute Journey".

Spirit has blessed me greatly to share this special poem with so many. I am grateful and honored.
Blessings and Peace my Friend - Mitakuye Oyasin
(June 2003/2008)
"Thunder Beings"
I'm fortunate to have the yearbook coordinator of Ross Sheppard High School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, discover the "Thunder Beings" poem which was featured in the yearbook to accompany their theme of "Days of Thunder". The year books were done at the end of Summer 2003 and was beautifully done.
I am honored and thrilled by this opportunity!
April 2003

"Solitude of Night"
"To Catch A Falling Star"
I'm excited, thrilled and absolutely honored to say that two of my poems were read by Patty Seaton, the Lead Planetarium Teacher, who is with the *Einstein Planetarium* in the *National Air and Space Museum* as part of the "Monthly Star Lectures". The two poems read in this presentation:
"To Catch A Falling Star" and "Solitude of Night".
(April 2001)

"Take My Hand"
I'm blessed and honored that one of my poems was used in a printed wedding program. May the new couple beginning their life together always hold hands. "Take My Hand"
(September 2004)

"I Am There"
I'm blessed to share this poem with many people over the years who used this poem on a memorial pamphlet upon a loved one's passing. "I Am There"

I wanted to thank the "Poetry For Thought" forum for choosing one of my mythological writings "Scorpius"  for the Poem/Poet of The Week for September 14-20 2002. It is an honor to have this poem chosen. Thank you!

"I Am The Star"
What an absolute thrill to have "I Am The Star"   chosen as the Poem/Poet of The Week for March 8-14 2003 as well. Thank you soo much - it's a special poem for me, and as it happened, it was a wonderful surprise birthday present!

"Great Wings"
I am deeply honored for another poem called "Great Wings" for being chosen as Poem/Poet of The Week for August 2-8 2003. With deep gratitude - Thank You!

"There Is A Reason"
Again I am very honored for another poem called "There Is A Reason" for being chosen as Poem/Poet of The Week for April 17-23 2004. With humble gratitude - Thank You!

"Kokopelli's Dance"
With great honor I'm pleased to say, my poem titled "Kokopelli's Dance" won the March 2005 Kokopelli Poetry Challenge. A tribute and celebration of Spring, Rebirth and Renewal. It's been an honor and a blessing. Thank You!

"Majestic Flight"
I am honored again to receive Poet of The Week in Poetry for Thought for January 27 - February 2, 2007 with my poem Majestic Flight This poem is honoring Eagle Spirit with his grace, power and beauty.

"The Royal Catch"
This poem was chosen as one of the three winners for the month of January in 2007 in the Poetry for Thought forum. The January Challenge was written in the style of "Ottava Rima". This poem is also about Eagle Spirit. I am very proud to have won this with my fellow poets. What an amazing blessing to have The Royal Catch chosen by my poet-mates. Thank you very much.

Shaneland Poetry
This collection of Stars Poetry was added and rated 5 Stars! on the ShaneLand poem and poet directory. This site is for expanding your poetry presence via various sources. An excellent source for publishing and exposure. I am very grateful and honored for this rating.



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